Moroccan Red Clay: Moroccan red clay is a gentle clay considered to have extreme drawing powers. It draws oils from the skin and acts as an astringent for oily hair and skin. It also stimulates skin circulation and due to its gentleness is suitable for the most sensitive skin. Recommended for acne, poison oak or ivy and skin rashes.Type your paragraph here.

Russian Blue Clay: Imported from the mystical salt lakes in Siberia, Cambrian Blue clay gets its natural color from iron, zinc and algae.  This clay results in a super creamy bar that is said to detoxify & rejuvenate your skin by reducing pore size & increase firmness.

In our clay soaps we use fresh goat milk, local honey, natural clay* and a blend of natural oils.

All of our soap is made from fair trade products and fresh goat milk straight from our farm. Our soap contains no additives, artificial coloring or chemicals. *Our palm oil is ethically & organically sourced.*

Our Soaps

Made from fresh goat milk, local honey, salts, rice bran and a blend of natural oils.

We use 3 types of clay in our soaps: 

Latimer Luck Acres Farm

Our castile soaps contain only three ingredients;  olive oil, fresh goat milk and local honey. 

With Vitamin A packing Shea Butter, our fresh goat milk, local honey and natural oils; this one is great for any troubling skin condition.

We use 2 different kinds of salt in our soaps: Red Alaea and Black Hawaiian salts as well as Pink Himalayan Salt. 

Red Alaea and Black Hawaiian Salt: Red Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt is used in ceremonies to cleanse & purify, and in healing rituals for medicinal purposes. Hawaiian Black Salt is a mineral-rich salt obtained from the sea around the island of Molokai.  The salt has a black color due to the activated charcoal that is added to it. This soap bar is known for its combination of a ‘lotion-like’ lather with stimulating, detoxifying, deodorizing and soothing properties.

Pink Himalayan Salt: pink salt used in this soap is hand-mined from ancient salt beds in the Himalayan Mountains.  This soap bar is known for its combination of a “lotion like’ lather with stimulating, detoxifying and soothing properties.

Made from fresh goat milk, local honey and a blend of natural oils.  Beautifully scented with essential and fragrance oils.

Feel like a kid again, drink goat milk

The same as our Basic Bars, but with added red-mule grits. The perfect soap to scrub away oil, dirt and grease.

A wonderfully gentle, natural exfoliant. Oatmeal, fresh goat milk, local honey and natural oils are a perfect combination.

Green Sea Clay: Dark gray-green clay originated as mud laid down under the sea millions of years ago and is rich in algae & minerals. This clay acts as a mild exfoliant and draws oils from the skin. Sea Clay works wonderfully on your face, body & hair.